I felt called to Akashic Records at a time when I needed it most. My guides led me to Maria and after my session with her I understood why. It has been an incredible experience that has given me so many answers that I needed.


Maria is a beautiful channel that transmits each message with love and understanding, she guides you on a mystical adventure that connects you with the deepest part of your being. I am very grateful that she walked me through this spiritual experience. 

Traveler. In love with life, reading and  writing.
You can follow her travels at @thecronopia and her writing here .


I contacted Maria through a friend of mine and it was magic. Not only did I get the answers I was looking for, but I had a beautiful spiritual journey.
She is responsible and genuine, her work really touches the soul. I cannot recommend you or thank her enough. I hope that you who are reading this will also take this beautiful journey of discovering yourself ...
Thanks Maria

Antonella Nocera